Our Bees’ honey is from our country flowers!

Al-Andalus Apiary produces various natural honey and its products throughout our apiaries that are widespread in Palestine using the best scientific techniques and the highest quality specifications under a high supervision from specialists in the field of beekeeping.

High Performance. High Quality.


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No productivity without quality

What makes our honey special?

We have a long list of answers to this question;

Our honey is pure, raw, unprocessed or pasteurized, and all of these added a great value to our products.


But the most important answer is actually the simplest: It’s all about bees!


As a result of our long experience in beekeeping we realized that delicious honey comes from healthy and happy bees. Large slice of companies imports their products from external markets without taking in consideration the bees’ source and state.  

 In Andalus apiaries, we harvest honey from our own apiaries produced from our healthy bees. The harvest process is done twice per year only, and the rest of the time is spent on taking care for bees to ensure they get their needs from sources of nectar, pollen, fresh and clean water, and even protection from diseases and pesticides.

 Therefore, harvesting a single drop of honey means that we invested countless hours of dedication into the work, detailed care and very long experience in this field.

This is what makes Al-Andalus apiaries is a worth trusted company in the market.

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What We’re Known For //

Crystallization of honey

Most honey types are characterized by crystallization due to the floral source that bees collect honey from.

In addition; Natural Honey can be distinguished by either:

Crystallization or freezing, where it is a result of temperatures below 16 Celsius, and wax and pollen that residues in it, which is very useful as well.

As far for honey that doesn’t crystallize, it’s clearly it was exposed to temperatures or was treated with physical treatments to break the bonds inside. Therefore, we recommend consuming honey as it is in its crystallized state.

Honey in its purest form

Our apiaries are spread throughout the Holy Land of Palestine, and produces a variety of types of honey, which vary according to the floral source and pastures.

The optimal nutritional supplement

Honey saturated with royal jelly and pollen.

Pollen is the most important substance produced by bees at all. It is characterized by distinctive therapeutic and nutritional properties.

 The Royal jelly, is a liquid that worker bees secrete it, and it is the basic food for the queen bee.

 In addition to the countless benefits of honey; Mixing royal jelly and pollen with honey, will produce a great mixture that has many health benefits for the human body, because it contains many minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids that include the following benefits:

  1. Solve problems of impotence and increase sexual ability and performance.
  2. Remove the side effects of chemotherapy that come from cancer treatment.
  3. To build muscle mass for athletes.
  4. A food supplement that contains many minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids.

And many countless benefits…

Our cooperation is the secret of our success

Our company is a member of Jenin Beekeepers Cooperative Association, which directly supervises the production processes and the quality of honey. In addition; We work with different community institutions to protect and enhance the beekeeping sector.